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It is a history of long journey. It started its journey from a very small "Dispensary". In 1922 Jhargram was declared as a Sub-Division. In 1924, the Royal family of Jhargram established a Dispensary, namely "CHANDICHARAN CHARITABLE DISPENSARY" to pay homage to the Empire , Late Chandicharan Malladev in the centre of Jhargram town to serve the local people.

Primarily the dispensary was started in a hut. Later, about in 1932 AD the dispensary was reconstructed.

After independence, Government took over the whole land & the dispensary. And in 1956 A.D, the old building was renovated & reconstructed to turn it as a Sub-Divisional Hospital.

In 2012, as a part of Government decision for establishing Jhargram Sub-Division into a District of West Bengal, this sub-division was declared as 'Jhargram Health District'. As a result on 11/01/2012, this hospital got the status of a "District Hospital".

Hon'ble chief Minister, Smt. Mamata Banerjee is so kind and empathetic for the people of Jangal Mahal that she considered to construct a Super Specialty Hospital for the people. A beautiful five storied building of Super Specialty Hospital was constructed whose surface area is about 80,000 sq. ft. Not only the building was constructed, all ultra modern medical equipments like CT scan, Ultrasonography, Digital X-ray, C-arm, Endoscopy, Laparoscopy and many more were added to provide most advance modern medical service to the people. Many other modern life saving facilities like "critical care unit (CCU)' Dialysis Unit, Sick Neonatal care unit(SNCU), and many more were also established in parallel.

On 11th February 2016, Hon'ble Chief Minister Smt. Mamata Banerjee inaugurated Jhargram Super Specialty Hospital. Subsequently existing District Hospital was merged with the Super Specialty Hospital. Some wards and facilities were re-distributed in these buildings.

Last but not the least; our beloved CM has sanctioned 100 seat capacity GNM training school which is another milestone of Jhargram.

I convey a lot of thanks to all employees of the Hospital who whole-heartedly supported and actively participated in this noble but hard work of converting a Sub-divisional hospital into a Super Specialty Hospital. In spite of sub-optimal Health Care manpower, they took the whole responsibility for the people of Jhargram and to fulfill the dream of our beloved chief Minister. Also thanks to all common people of Jhargram and all employees of other supporting departments especially PWD, PHE Municipality, Police, General administrator, Press who also supported and co-operated in this noble endeavor.

Special thanks to Hon'ble MP, Smt. Uma Saren, hon'ble Minister Mr Chura Moni Mahata, hon'ble MLA, Dr. Sukumar Hansda, hon'ble District Magistrate Mr R. Arjun, hon'ble SDO, Jhargram Mr. Nakul Chandra Mahata, hon'ble Chairman, Jhargram Municipality, Mr. Sibendra Bijoy Malladev and hon'ble CMOH Dr Aswini Kumar Majhi - without their help and support such a massive project could not be materialized.

Lastly I will express my gratitude and pranam to hon'ble Shubhakarananda Maharaj, Ramkrisna Mission, Belur, whose inspirations and moral support have enlightened us to finish our task with a view to serving the people.

So many facilities and infrastructures have been operationalised within very short period of time to serve the people, but common people are still not aware about the availability & accessibility of the services of Jhargram Zilla Superspeciality Hospital.

For easy accessibility of all information about the Hospital and it's facilities, a demand for Website was felt for a long time. At last, after rigorous workup this website has been introduced to fulfill the need.

Wish you all the best.

Dr. Malay Adak, Superintendent